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Bills of Exchange Act, 1964 (Act No. 34 of 1964)

Chapter I

General duties of the holder

42. Duties as to and consequences of qualified acceptance


(1) The holder of a bill may refuse to take a qualified acceptance, and, if he does not obtain an unqualified acceptance, may treat the bill as dishonoured by non-acceptance.


(2) If a qualified acceptance is taken and the drawer or an indorser has not expressly or impliedly authorized the holder to take a qualified acceptance, or does not subsequently assent thereto, the drawer or such indorser is discharged from his liability on the bill: Provided that the provisions of this subsection do not apply to a partial acceptance whereof due notice has been given.


(3) If the drawer or an indorser of a bill receives notice of a qualified acceptance, and does not within a reasonable time express his dissent to the holder, he shall be deemed to have assented thereto.