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Bills of Exchange Act, 1964 (Act No. 34 of 1964)

Chapter I

Bills of exchange - form and interpretation

17. General and qualified acceptances


(1) An acceptance is either—
(a) general; or
(b) qualified.


(a) A general acceptance assents without qualification to the order of the drawer.
(b) An acceptance to pay at a particular place shall be deemed to be a general acceptance, unless it expressly states that the bill is to be paid there only and not elsewhere.


(a) A qualified acceptance in express terms varies the effect of the bill as drawn.
(b) In particular an acceptance is qualified if it—
(i) is a conditional acceptance, that is to say, if it makes payment by the acceptor dependent on the fulfilment of a condition therein stated;
(ii) is a partial acceptance, that is to say, an acceptance to pay part only of the amount for which the bill is drawn;
(iii) is an acceptance to pay only at a particular specified place and not elsewhere;
(iv) qualifies the time of payment;
(v) is the acceptance of one or more of the drawees but not of all.