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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations relating to the Exemption of parents from payment of School Fees in Public Schools, 2005

9. Assistance to parents


(1) A parent who, for whatever reason, needs assistance in applying for exemption or lodging an appeal may request an educator or any other person to assist him or her in making the application or lodging the appeal.


(2) If no assistance is given to the parent after he or she has requested it as contemplated in sub-regulation (1), the principal of the school concerned must assist the parent with such application or appeal, if so requested by the parent.


(3) No applicant may be disqualified on the ground that his or her application form is either incomplete or incorrectly completed.


(4) The principal or the educator who is a member of the governing body of the school concerned must help parents with any application forms that have not been completed properly.