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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for the Conduct, Administration and Management of Assessment for the Senior Certificate, 2005

Chapter 4 : Internal Assessment/Continuous Assessment (CASS)

25. Completion of mark sheets for internal assessment


(1) A teacher must complete mark sheets in black or blue ink.


(2) The teacher and the principal or Head of Institution and an appointed Moderator must write their names and sign the mark sheets.


(3) The stamp of the school or institution must appear on the mark sheet.


(4) The teacher must allocate a mark to every learner on the mark sheet.


(5) The principal must submit the completed mark sheets according to the prescriptions of the assessment body.


(6) The assessment body must enter an appropriate code for learners whose practical component marks are missing.


(7) The principal or Head of the Institution must report to the assessment body, all cases where learners do not appear on the official mark sheets.


(8) The teacher must complete handwritten mark sheets accompanied by suitable written explanations, for all the learners contemplated in subregulation (7).


(9) A teacher may indicate an outstanding practical or internal assessment mark with a "777" mark until the learner presents himself or herself for the internal assessment or practical mark.


(10) A teacher may indicate with a "999" on the mark sheet, if a learner has registered for the wrong subject or grade.


(11) Despite subregulation (10), the teacher must write a report explaining the reasons for the incorrect entry, which must be accompanied by a handwritten mark sheet.


(12) A teacher may indicate with a "999" in a mark sheet, if the candidate leaves the system after registration.


(13) The teacher must convert a "777" mark to a "999" mark if a candidate does not present himself or herself for internal assessment within the prescribed period, prior to the submission of the internal assessment mark sheet to the examination section of the assessment body.


(14) A "777" converted to a "999" implies that the learner must re-register for that subject in the following examination.