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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for the Conduct, Administration and Management of Assessment for the Senior Certificate, 2005

Chapter 3 : Preparation for the examination process

18. Process of setting question papers


(1) Internal Moderators and Examiners must comply with all instructions issued by assessment bodies.


(2) Assessment bodies must give Examiners and Internal Moderators guidelines in respect of setting question papers, which must include the following:
(a) Number of question papers;
(b) The duration of the question paper;
(c) Maximum marks;
(d) Format of the question paper; and
(e) Any other requirement that it may deem necessary.


(3) Assessment bodies must ascertain that Internal Moderators and Examiners perform their functions.


(4) The assessment bodies must comply with the changes recommended by the Internal Moderator.


(5) An assessment body must mediate and make a decision if there is a disagreement between an Internal Moderator and an Examiner.


(6) If there is a dispute between an Internal Moderator and an External Moderator, the assessment body and Umalusi must mediate an agreement, failing which the decision of the Chief Executive Officer of Umalusi will be final.


(7) The assessment bodies must comply with the requirements of Umalusi regarding the moderation of Senior Certificate examination question papers.


(8) Changes effected by the External Moderator must be communicated in writing and these changes must be complied with.


(9) Assessment bodies must:
(a) ensure the safekeeping of the question papers before the writing of the examination;
(b) adopt the appropriate mechanisms for the distribution of the question papers;
(c) ensure that all persons involved in the handling of question papers sign a Contract of Confidentiality;
(d) ensure that the distribution chain and number of persons involved are kept to a minimum;
(e) ensure that the transfer of question papers from one official to another is carefully checked and controlled; and
(f) report any irregularities discovered during the setting of question papers to Umalusi and the Department of Education.


(10) The assessment body must inform educators and learners about any changes in the format of the question paper.