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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)

Chapter 5 : Independent Schools

45A. Admission age to independent school



a) The admission age of a learner to an independent school to –
i) grade R is age four turning five by 30 June in the year of admission;
ii) grade 1 is age five turning six by 30 June in the year of admission.
b) An independent school may admit a learner who –
i) is under the age contemplated in paragraph (a) if good cause is shown; and
ii) complies with the criteria contemplated in paragraph (e).
c) The Minister may, by regulation, prescribe –
i) criteria for the admission to an independent school at an age lower than the admission age of an underage learner who complies with the criteria; and
ii) age requirements for different grades at an independent school.
d) For the purpose of paragraph (b)(i), good cause shown means that –
i) it can be shown that exceptional circumstances exist which necessitate the admission of an underage learner because admission would be in his or her best interest; and
ii) the refusal to admit that learner would be severely detrimental to his or her development.