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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)

Chapter 3 : Public Schools

19. Enhancement of capacity of governing bodies



1) Out of funds appropriated for this purpose by the provincial legislature, the Head of Department must establish a programme to –
a) provide introductory training for newly elected governing bodies to enable them to perform their functions; and
b) provide continuing training to governing bodies to promote the effective performance of their functions or to enable them to assume additional functions.


2) The Head of Department must ensure that principals and other officers of the education department render all necessary assistance to governing bodies in the performance of their functions in terms of this Act.


3) The norms and standards for school funding must include-
a) criteria for authorising a governing body association to perform the functions contemplated in subsection (4);
b) criteria relating to any financial implications that would be incurred or costs that would have to be paid by the Head of Department in relation to the performance of the functions contemplated in subsection (4);
c) guidelines relating to the nature, content, extent and duration of the functions contemplated in subsection (4); and
d) criteria for granting a governing body an allocation for contribution towards membership of a recognised governing body association.


a) The Head of Department may request a recognised governing body association or other appropriate training authority to train members of a governing body of a particular school or group of schools and to build the capacity contemplated in section 25(4).
b) For the purposes of paragraph (a), the Head of Department-
i) must enter into an agreement with the governing body association;
ii) must specify the nature, content, extent, duration and financial implications of the training in the agreement contemplated in subparagraph (i); and
iii) may include a request for the training of members of a governing body of a school that is not a member of the governing body association requested to conduct the training in the agreement contemplated in subparagraph (ii).