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Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 1998 (Act No. 121 of 1998)

Chapter 7 : Criminal Assets Recovery Account

65. Establishment of committee


(1) There is hereby established a Committee to be known as the Criminal Assets Recovery Committee.


(2) The Committee shall consist of—
(a) the Minister, who shall be the chairperson of the Committee;
(b) the Minister of Safety and Security;
(c) the Minister of Finance;
(d) the National Director; and
(e) if necessary, two other persons designated by the Minister.


(3) The members of the Committee may designate an alternate to attend a meeting of the Committee in their place.


(4) The Committee shall designate one of its members as deputy chairperson of the Committee, and when the chairperson is not available, the deputy chairperson shall act as chairperson.