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Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 1998 (Act No. 121 of 1998)

Chapter 3 : Offences relating to Proceeds of Unlawful Activities

5. Assisting another to benefit from proceeds of unlawful activities


Any person who knows or ought reasonably to have known that another person has obtained the proceeds of unlawful activities, and who enters into any agreement with anyone or engages in any arrangement or transaction whereby—

(a) the retention or the control by or on behalf of the said other person of the proceeds of unlawful activities is facilitated; or
(b) the said proceeds of unlawful activities are used to make funds available to the said other person or to acquire property on his or her behalf or to benefit him or her in any other way,

shall be guilty of an offence.


[Section 5 amended by section 7 of Act No. 24 of 1999]