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Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 1998 (Act No. 121 of 1998)

Chapter 6 : Civil Recovery of Property

Part 2 : Preservation of Property

46. Taxation of legal expenses


(1) If a High Court granting a preservation of property order makes provision for a person's reasonable legal expenses—
(a) the National Director; or
(b) the curator bonis,

may apply to the High Court for an order under this section.


(2) The curator bonis or the National Director must give notice of an application under this section to the person concerned.


(3) On an application under this section, the High Court must order that the expenses be taxed as provided in the order.


(4) After an application is made for an order under this section, the curator bonis need not, unless ordered by the Court to do so, take any steps for the purpose of meeting the expenses as provided by the preservation of property order unless and until—
(a) an order under this section in relation to the expenses is complied with; or
(b) the application, and any appeal arising out of it, are finally determined, or otherwise disposed of, other than by the making of such an order.