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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Regulations regarding the rendering of Forensic Pathology Service, 2007

Forensic Pathology Service


3. The relevant member of the Executive Council of a province must within national policy and in terms of these regulations ensure that a Forensic Pathology Service is established within the respective provincial Department of Health.


4. The Service contemplated in regulation 3 includes, but is not limited to—
(a) carrying out a scene of death investigation, and where appropriate, in consultation with an investigating officer;
(b) obtaining information that is relevant to the medico-legal investigation of a death;
(c) taking responsibility for the collection of a body and removal from the scene;
(d) taking custody of a body from the scene of death until released for burial or cremation, and the processes attached thereto;
(e) maintaining evidence relating to a body and any associated items at all times;
(f) assisting, as far as is possible, the process of identification of the deceased;
(g) conducting a post mortem investigation, including external and internal examination of a body and harvesting of material, tissue or fluids for evidentiary or diagnostic purposes;
(h) requesting and conducting appropriate special investigations;
(i) providing medico-legal reports, expert testimony and opinions;
(j) archiving documents, specimens and related materials;
(k) collecting, reviewing and analysing related data to determine trends or prevalence of incidents of unnatural death; and
(l) providing information and advice to health or other government authorities or departments.