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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Care at Mass Gathering Events Regulations, 2017

3. Responsibilities of event organiser


The event organisers must—


(1) despite subregulation 7(1), conduct a risk assessment of the event;


(2) in consultation with the event medical service provider, prepare plans to show the layout of the venue, entries and exit points, emergency routes, medical facilities and triage areas, positioning of toilets, merchandising stalls, and parking;


(3) ensure that medical requirements such as EMS access and egress routes, parking areas, medical facilities, rendezvous points and triage areas are carefully assessed and positioned in the appropriate places and are readily accessible;


(4) take responsibility for the cost of providing all health and medical services for the event;


(5) appoint for the event, an event medical service provider who is licensed in terms of the Emergency Medical Services Regulations and whose duties must include responsibility for health and medical services at the event;


(6) ensure that the event medical service provider has experience in the management of events of a similar nature;


(7) if required, consult with the provincial EMS manager in relation to the provision of emergency medical services for the event;


(8) invite the provincial EMS manager to attend all operational planning meetings;


(9) ensure that at least one medical facility is available for spectators and participants;


(10) where the participants are segregated from the spectators for reasons of safety and security, provide a separate medical facility for the participants;


(11) where an event lasts for more than 4 hours, ensure that there is a separate rest area, readily accessible to the medical facility for health care workers;


(12) ensure that adequate and clear, well lit signage and signposts, are available for the location of medical facilities. Signage must comply with the relevant requirements of all parts of SANS 1186 and SANS 7001 documents; and


(13) consult with the Environmental Health Authority in relation to all aspects of environmental health.