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National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003)


Emergency Medical Services Regulations, 2017

Part 3 : Licensing of Emergency Medical Services

8. Application for licence


(1) An application for the licensing of an Emergency Medical Service must be—
(a) submitted on the prescribed form (Annexure C) to the Head of Department for the Province where the service will operate;
(b) accompanied by the required supporting documents; and
(c) accompanied by the prescribed application fee as per Annexure D.


(2) A Volunteer Emergency Medical Service must only pay annual licensing fees per ambulance or response vehicle, as stipulated in Annexure D.


(3) An application submitted in terms of subregulation (1)(a) must be an original application delivered by hand, by registered mail or by electronic mail, to the Head of Department.


(4) An applicant may withdraw the application at any time before it has been evaluated by the Committee, in which case the application fee will be refunded to the applicant.


(5) If an applicant withdraws the application after the Committee has considered it, the application fee will be forfeited.


(6) The Head of Department may, on the receipt of an application relating to the relocation of a licensed vehicle from one Province to another, issue a temporary licence valid for a period of six (6) months, except—
(a) where the relocation occurs in the course of an inter -provincial patient transfer;
(b) in the case of the replacement of an existing licensed vehicle; or
(c) when additional vehicles are procured.


(7)        A temporary licence—

(a) must be issued within 10 working days of receipt of an application;
(b) may not be renewed; and
(c) must be considered to have expired in the event that an application for a licence is refused or if an application for a licence is withdrawn.


(8) The prescribed annual licensing fee is payable in respect of a temporary licence issued in the event of a licensed vehicle moving from one Province to another.


(9) An application received without proof of payment of the application fee may not be processed until the application fee is paid, but the Head of Department may then pend the application for a period not exceeding 60 working days, after which period, if the application fee has still not been paid, the application may be considered to have been withdrawn.


(10) An applicant submitting an application for the licensing of an Emergency Medical Service must have a station located within the health district in which the applicant intends to operate so as to optimise service delivery and the station must adhere to the minimum norms and standards provided for in Annexure A.