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Income Tax Act, 1962 (Act 58 of 1962)

Chapter III: General Provisions

Part VI: Miscellaneous

108. Prevention of or relief from, double taxation


(1) The National Executive may enter into an agreement with the government of any other country, whereby arrangements are made with such government with a view to the prevention, mitigation or discontinuance of the levying, under the laws of the Republic and of such other country, of tax in respect of the same income, profits or gains, or tax imposed in respect of the same donation, or to the rendering of reciprocal assistance in the administration of and the collection of taxes under the said laws of the Republic and of such other country.


(2) As soon as may be after the approval by Parliament of any such agreement, as contemplated in section 231 of the Constitution, the arrangements thereby made shall be notified by publication in the Gazette and the arrangements so notified shall thereupon have effect as if enacted in this Act.


(3)        [Subsection (3) deleted by section 38(1)(b) of Act No. 28 of 1997].


(4)        [Subsection (4) deleted by section 38(1)(b) of Act No. 28 of 1997].


(5) The duty imposed by any law to preserve secrecy with regard to such tax shall not prevent the disclosure to any authorized officer of the country contemplated in subsection (1), of the facts, knowledge of which is necessary to enable it to be determined whether immunity, exemption or relief ought to be given or which it is necessary to disclose in order to render or receive assistance in accordance with the arrangements notified in terms of subsection (2).