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Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act No. 56 of 1974)


Regulations Defining the Scope of Practice of the Profession of Oral Hygiene

4. Conditions of practice by registered oral hygienist


(1) A registered oral hygienist may practice independently, his or her profession, only—
(a) after serving a period of at least one year under the control and supervision of a registered dentist, dental therapist or another registered oral hygienist, and with approval of the Board;
(b) after obtaining any of the qualifications in oral hygiene approved by the Board, and if such qualification was obtained prior to 2001, he or she must have also obtained a further qualification in expanded clinical functions in oral hygiene offered by any of the examining authorities approved by the Board; and
(c) after successfully completing a First Aid Level 3 training at a training institution approved by the Health and Welfare SETA.


(2) An oral hygienist registered in the category "supervised practice ", may perform acts referred to in regulation 2—
(a) under the supervision of a dental specialist, dentist, dental therapist, or an oral hygienist;
(b) only if an oral hygienist referred to in this subregulation has received adequate education, training and is sufficiently experienced; and
(c) under proper and appropriate conditions.