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Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act No. 56 of 1974)


Regulations Defining the Scope of Practice of the Profession of Oral Hygiene

2. Scope of the profession of oral hygiene


The following acts are hereby specified as acts which may, for the purposes of the application of the Act, be considered to be acts pertaining to the profession of oral hygiene:

(a) The development, implementation and evaluation of oral health promotion programmes;
(b) the assessment of a patient by means of an interview and an oral clinical examination;
(c) the performance of analogue and digital radiography and the taking of clinical photographs;
(d) the making of an oral hygiene diagnosis and the development of an appropriate treatment plan within the scope of the profession of oral hygienist;
(e) the advising and education of patients about oral self-care practices including mechanical and chemotherapeutic plaque control, nutritional counselling and tobacco cessation;
(f) advising patients about nutrition and diet, fluorides, and anti -microbial agents (excluding antibiotics) in relation to oral disease prevention;
(g) the application of topical agents such as caries-preventive agents, remineralising agents, tooth-desensitising agents, surface anaesthetics and plaque -controlling agents;
(h) the application of pit and fissure sealants;
(i) the performance of debridement, scaling, root planing, the cleaning of dental implants and the polishing of teeth;
(j) the making of a study cast to produce protective vacuum formed mouth guard;
(k) the application of minimally invasive procedures such as a traumatic restorative techniques (ART) and sealant restorations, and only when necessary to facilitate these procedures, the placing and removing of rubber dam and matrix band;
(l) the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity and cervical abrasion lesions with glass ionomer cement;
(m) the polishing and recontouring of overhanging restorations;
(o) the application of topical anaesthesia, subject to section 22A(4)(a)(v)(aa) of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act No. 101 of 1965);
(p) the administration of local anaesthesia, subject to section 22A(4)(a)(v)(aa) of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965;
(q) the giving of assistance to dental therapists, dentists, dental specialists with the performance of basic and advanced clinical procedures;
(r) the application of vital tooth whitening techniques and procedures; and
(s) the performance of the following supportive clinical procedures as prescribed by dentists and dental specialists:
(i) The taking of cytological smears;
(ii) the splinting of mobile teeth;
(iii) the application and removal of periodontal packs; and
(iv) the removal of surgical sutures;
(v) the placing of temporary restorations as an emergency measure;
(vi) the performance of temporary cementing of inlays, crowns and bridges;
(vii) the placement of soft linings in dentures as tissue conditioners;
(viii) the performance of cephalometric tracings;
(ix) the relieving of trauma caused by intra -and extra -oral appliances, such as the cutting of distal ends of arch wires;
(x) the taking of impressions, cast and trim study and primary work models;
(xi) placement of pre -activated orthodontic appliances, the removal of orthodontic attachments and bands (the placement and removal of elastics and ligature wires, the placement and activation of arch wires); and
(xii) the re- cementing of orthodontic retainers.