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Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act No. 56 of 1974)

Chapter V : General and Supplementary Provisions

62. Levying of annual fees on certain registered persons


(1) The Minister may, on the recommendation of the council, at any time by notice in the Gazette authorise the council to prescribe a fee to be paid annually to the council by the registered persons concerned: Provided that in prescribing such fee the council may differentiate between persons according to whether they have been registered before or after a date specified in the notice and may vary such fee according to whether it is paid before or after a specific date, and the profession and registration category in which they hold registration.


(2) If any person liable to pay any annual fee prescribed in terms of subsection (1) fails or refuses to pay such fee within the period specified in the notice in question, the council may recover such fee by action in a competent court.


(3) If a person's name has been removed from the register in terms of section 19(1)(d), it shall be a condition precedent for the restoration of his or her name to the register that he or she pays the outstanding annual fee or fees and such restoration fees as may be prescribed.


(4) A professional board may by resolution exempt for an indefinite or definite period any registered person specified in the resolution from payment of any annual fee prescribed in terms of subsection (1).


[Section 62 substituted by section 53 of Act No. 29 of 1997]