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Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act No. 56 of 1974)

Chapter V : General and Supplementary Provisions

61A. Rules


(1) The council may make rules or adopt policies relating to—

[Words preceding subsection (1)(a) substituted by section 52(a) of Act No. 29 of 2007]

(a) the conduct of the business and the procedure at meetings of the council and committees of the council and the manner in which minutes of such meetings shall be kept;

[Subsection (1)(a) substituted by section 52(b) of Act No. 29 of 2007]

(b) the manner in which contracts shall be entered into on behalf of the council, the accounts of the council shall be kept and the manner in which money accruing to the council shall be disposed of;
(c) the professional fees and allowances which may be paid to members of the council or to members of professional boards established in terms of section 15 or to members of committees or subcommittees of the council or professional boards and other persons who render services to the council or professional boards;

[Subsection (1)(c) substituted by section 52(c) of Act No. 29 of 2007]

(d) [Subsection (1)(d) deleted by section 52(d) of Act No. 29 of 2007];
(e) any fees payable in terms of this Act, which may include—
(i) registration fees;
(ii) annual fees provided for in section 62;
(iii) fees payable for restoration of—
(aa) a name to a register from which it had been removed and such fees may vary according to the reason for the removal thereof and the period for which it was so removed;
(bb) a person as a specialist or in a subspecialty or an additional qualification;
(cc) a professional category or an additional professional category;
(iv) fees payable for the issuing of certificates;
(v) fees payable for examinations conducted by or on behalf of professional boards; and
(vi) fees payable for accreditation of educational institutions, training facilities, activities for continuing professional development, and pathology laboratories;

[Subsection (1)(e) substituted by section 52(e) of Act No. 29 of 2007]

(f) the forms of the registers to be kept in terms of this Act and of all certificates which may be issued under this Act and the manner in which alterations may be effected in such registers;
(g) the forms to be completed and the documents to be submitted by applicants for registration or for restoration to the register;
(h) the returns and information to be furnished by any person registered in terms of this Act;
(i) [Subsection (1)(i) deleted by section 52(f) of Act No. 29 of 2007];
(j) [Subsection (1)(j) deleted by section 52(f) of Act No. 29 of 2007];
(k) [Subsection (1)(k) deleted by section 52(f) of Act No. 29 of 2007];
(l) the qualifications which may be registered as specialist and additional qualifications in terms of section 35; and
(m) any matter which in terms of this Act is required to be or may be promulgated as rules.


(2) The council shall, after consultation with the professional boards, not less than three months before any rule is made in terms of this Act, cause the text of such rule to be published in the Gazette together with a notice declaring the council's intention to make such rule and inviting interested persons to furnish the council with any comments thereon or any representations they may wish to make in regard thereto.

[Subsection (2) substituted by section 52(h) of Act No. 29 of 2007]


[Section 61A inserted by section 61 of Act No. 89 of 1997]