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Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act No. 56 of 1974)

Chapter V : General and Supplementary Provisions

55. Penalty for false representation inducing registration, for false entries in register and for impersonation


Any person who—

(a) procures or attempts to procure for himself or any other person registration under this Act or any certificate, order or prescription referred to in this Act by means of a false representation, whether verbally or in writing, or aids or abets any person in so doing;
(b) makes or causes to be made any unauthorised entry or alteration in or removal from a register or certified copy thereof or extract therefrom or on any certificate issued under this Act;
(c) [Paragraph (c) deleted by section 55 of Act No. 89 of 1997];
(d) wilfully destroys or damages or renders illegible or causes to be destroyed, damaged, or rendered illegible any entry in the register or, without the permission of the holder thereof, any certificate issued under this Act;
(e) forges or, knowing it to be forged, utters any document purporting to be a certificate issued under this Act;
(f) impersonates any person registered in terms of this Act; or
(g) supplies or offers to supply to any person not registered under this Act or the Nursing Act, 2005, any instrument or appliance which can be used, or is claimed to be effective, for the purpose of diagnosing, treating or preventing physical or mental defects, illnesses or deficiencies in humankind, knowing that such instrument or appliance will be used by such unregistered person for the purpose of performing an act which such unregistered person is in terms of the provisions of this Act or the said Nursing Act prohibited from performing,

[Paragraph (g) substituted by section 47(a) of Act No. 29 of 2007]

shall be guilty of an offence and on conviction liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 12 months or to both a fine and such imprisonment.

[Words following paragraph (g) substituted by section 47(b) of Act No. 29 of 2007]