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Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977)


Schedule 3


(Section 341)


Any contravention of a by-law or regulation made by or for any council, board or committee established in terms of any law for the management of the affairs of any division, city, town, borough, village or other similar community.


Any offence committed by—

(a) driving a vehicle at a speed exceeding a prescribed limit;
(b) driving a vehicle which does not bear prescribed lights, or any prescribed means of identification;
(c) leaving or stopping a vehicle at a place where it may not be left or stopped, or leaving a vehicle in a condition in which it may not be left;
(d) driving a vehicle at a place where and at a time when it may not be driven;
(e) driving a vehicle which is defective or any part whereof is not properly adjusted, or causing any undue noise by means of a motor vehicle;
(f) owning or driving a vehicle for which no valid licence is held;
(g) driving a motor vehicle without holding a licence to drive it.


[Schedule 3 substituted by section 18 of Act No. 56 of 1979]