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Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977)


Regulations Prescribing the Tariff of Allowances Payable to Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings

3. Transport and travelling expenses


(1) A witness may, subject to the provisions of subregulation (2), make use of—
(a) public transport, in which case he or she is entitled to an amount equal to the fare for the least expensive transport along the shortest route; or
(b) private transport, in which case he or she is entitled to a transport allowance as prescribed from time to time for the Public Service.

[Regulation 3(1) substituted by regulation 3 of Notice No. R. 967, GG 41096, dated 6 September 2017]


(2) A witness may only use air transport at State expense if the court manager or registrar—
(a) is satisfied that the use thereof is warranted; and
(b) has approved that the witness may make use of air transport.


(3) On satisfactory proof having been produced, a witness is entitled to be reimbursed for his or her reasonable actual expenses incurred in respect of parking and toll fees.