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Chapter 24 : Evidence


208. Conviction may follow on evidence of single witness

209. Conviction may follow on confession by accused

210. Irrelevant evidence inadmissible

211. Evidence during criminal proceedings of previous convictions

212. Proof of certain facts by affidavit or certificate

212A. Proof of certain facts by affidavit from person in foreign country

212B. Proof of undisputed facts

213. Proof of written statement by consent

214. Evidence recorded at preparatory examination admissible at trial in certain circumstances

215. Evidence recorded at former trial admissible at later trial in certain circumstances

216.  [Repealed]

217. Admissibility of confession by accused

218. Admissibility of facts discovered by means of inadmissible confession

219. Confession not admissible against another

219A. Admissibility of admission by accused

220. Admissions

221. Admissibility of certain trade or business records

222. Application to criminal proceedings of certain provisions of Civil Proceedings Evidence Act, 1965, relating to documentary evidence

223. [Repealed]

224. Judicial notice of laws and other published matter

225. Evidence of prints, bodily samples or bodily appearance of accused

226. Evidence of no sexual intercourse between spouses admissible

227. Evidence of character and previous sexual experience

228. Evidence of disputed writing

229. Evidence of times of sunrise and sunset

230. Evidence and sufficiency of evidence of appointment to public office

231. Evidence of signature of public officer –

232. Article may be proved in evidence by means of photograph thereof

233. Proof of public documents

234. Proof of official documents

235. Proof of judicial proceedings

236. Proof of entries in accounting records and documentation of banks

236A. Proof of entries in accounting records and documentation of banks in countries outside Republic

237. Evidence on charge of bigamy

238. Evidence of relationship on charge of incest

239. Evidence on charge of infanticide or concealment of birth

240. Evidence on charge of receiving stolen property

241. Evidence of previous conviction on charge of receiving stolen property

242. Evidence on charge of defamation

243. Evidence of receipt of money or property and general deficiency on charge of theft

244. Evidence on charge relating to seals and stamps

245. Evidence on charge of which false representation is element

246. Presumptions relating to certain documents

247. Presumptions relating to absence from Republic of certain persons

248. Presumption that accused possessed particular qualification or acted in particular capacity

249. Presumption of failure to pay tax or to furnish information relating to tax

250. Presumption of lack of authority

251. Unstamped instrument admissible in criminal proceedings

252. The law in cases not provided for

252A. Authority to make use of traps and undercover operations and admissibility of evidence so obtained

253. Saving of special provisions in other laws