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GT Shield

Chapter 23 : Witnesses


179. Process for securing attendance of witness

180. Service of subpoena

181. Pre-payment of witness expenses

182. Witness from prison

183. Witness to keep police informed of whereabouts

184. Witness about to abscond and witness evading service of summons

185. Detention of witness

185A. [Repealed]

186. Court may subpoena witness

187. Witness to attend proceedings and to remain in attendance

188. Failure by witness to attend or to remain in attendance

189. Powers of court with regard to recalcitrant witness

190. Impeachment or support of credibility of witness

191. Payment of expenses of witness

191A. Witness services

192. Every witness competent and compellable unless expressly excluded

193. Court to decide upon competency of witness

194. Incompetency due to state of mind

195. Evidence for prosecution by husband or wife of accused

196. Evidence of accused and husband or wife on behalf of accused

197. Privileges of accused when giving evidence

198. Privilege arising out of marital state

199. No witness compelled to answer question which the witness’s husband or wife may decline

200. Witness not excused from answer establishing civil liability on his part

201. Privilege of legal practitioner

202. Privilege from disclosure on ground of public policy or public interest

203. Witness excused from answering incriminating question

204. Incriminating evidence by witness for prosecution

205. Judge, regional court magistrate or magistrate may take evidence as to alleged offence

206. The law in cases not provided for

207. Saving of special provisions in other laws