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Chapter 22 : Conduct of Proceedings


150. Prosecutor may address court and adduce evidence

151. Accused may address court and adduce evidence

152. Criminal proceedings to be conducted in open court

153. Circumstances in which criminal proceedings shall not take place in open court

154. Prohibition of publication of certain information relating to criminal proceedings

155. Persons implicated in same offence may be tried together

156. Persons committing separate offences at same time and place may be tried together

157. Joinder of accused and separation of trials

158. Criminal proceedings to take place in presence of accused

159. Circumstances in which criminal proceedings may take place in absence of accused

159A. Postponement of certain criminal proceedings through audiovisual link

159B. Requirements for audiovisual appearance by accused person

159C. Technical requirements for use of audiovisual link

159D. Protection of communication between accused person and legal representative

160. Procedure at criminal proceedings where accused is absent

161. Witness to testify viva voce

162. Witness to be examined under oath

163. Affirmation in lieu of oath

164. When unsworn or unaffirmed evidence admissible

165. Oath, affirmation or admonition may be administered by or through an interpreter or intermediary

166. Cross-examination and re-examination of witnesses

167. Court may examine witness or person in attendance.

168. Court may adjourn proceedings to any date

169. Court may adjourn proceedings to any place

170. Failure of accused to appear after adjournment or to remain in attendance

170A. Evidence through intermediaries

171. Evidence on commission

172. Parties may examine witness

173. Evidence on commission part of court record

174. Accused may be discharged at close of case for prosecution

175. Prosecution and defence may address court at conclusion of evidence

176. Judgment may be corrected

177. Court may defer final decision

178. Arrest of person committing offence in court and removal from court of person disturbing proceedings