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Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977)

Chapter 9 : Bail

64. Proceedings with regard to bail and conditions to be recorded in full


The court dealing with bail proceedings as contemplated in section 50(6) or which considers bail under section 60 or which imposes any further condition under section 62 or which, under section 63 or 63A, amends the amount of bail or amends or supplements any condition or refuses to do so, shall record the relevant proceedings in full, including the conditions imposed and any amendment or supplementation thereof, or shall cause such proceedings to be recorded in full, and where such court is a magistrate's court or a regional court, any document purporting to be an extract from the record of proceedings of that court and purporting to be certified as correct by the clerk of the court, and which sets out the conditions of bail and any amendment or supplementation thereof, shall, on its mere production in any court in which the relevant charge is pending, be prima facie proof of such conditions or any amendment or supplementation thereof.


[Section 64 substituted by section 7 of Act No. 42 of 2001]