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Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977)

Chapter 9 : Bail

63. Amendment of conditions of bail


(1) Any court before which a charge is pending in respect of which bail has been granted may, upon the application of the prosecutor or the accused, increase or reduce the amount of bail determined under section 59 or 60 or amend or supplement any condition imposed under section 60 or 62, whether imposed by that court or any other court, and may, where the application is made by the prosecutor and the accused is not present when the application is made, issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused and, when the accused is present in court, determine the application.

[Section 63(1) substituted by section 5 of Act No. 75 of 1995]


(2) If the court referred to in subsection (1) is a superior court, an application under that subsection may be made to any judge of that court if the court is not sitting at the time of the application.