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Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977)

Chapter 30 : Reviews and Appeals in Cases of Criminal Proceedings in Lower Courts

306. Accused may set down case for argument


(1) A magistrate's court imposing sentence which under section 302 is subject to review, shall forthwith inform the person convicted that the record of the proceedings will be transmitted within one week, and such person may then inspect and make a copy of such record before transmission or whilst in the possession of the provincial or local division, and may set down the case for argument before the provincial or local division having jurisdiction in like manner as if the record had been returned or transmitted to such provincial or local division in compliance with any order made by it for the purpose of bringing in review the proceedings of a magistrate’s court.

[Section 304(1) substituted by section 15 of Act No. 105 of 1982]


(2) Whenever a case is so set down, whether the offence in question was prosecuted at the instance of the State or at the instance of a private prosecutor, a written notice shall be served, by or on behalf of the person convicted, upon the attorney-general at his office not less than seven days before the day appointed for the argument, setting forth the name and number of the case, the court before which it was tried, the date for which the case has been set down for argument and the grounds or reasons upon which the judgment is sought to be reversed or altered.


(3) Whether such judgment is confirmed or reversed or altered, no costs shall in respect of the proceedings on review be payable by the prosecution to the person convicted or by the person convicted to the prosecution.