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Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act No. 108 of 1996)


Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction

Annex on Implementation and Verification ("Verification Annex")

Part V : Destruction of Chemical Weapons Production Facilities and its Verification pursuant to Article V

C. Verification

Systematic verification of chemical weapons production facilities and cessation of their activities



48. The purpose of the systematic verification of a chemical weapons production facility shall be to ensure that any resumption of production of chemical weapons or removal of declared items will be detected at this facility.


49. The detailed facility agreement for each chemical weapons production facility shall specify:
(a) Detailed on-site inspection procedures, which may include:
(i) Visual examinations;
(ii) Checking and servicing of seals and other agreed devices; and
(iii) Obtaining and analysing samples;
(b) Procedures for using tamper-indicating seals and other agreed equipment to prevent the undetected reactivation of the facility, which shall specify:
(i) The type, placement, and arrangements for installation; and
(ii) The maintenance of such seals and equipment; and
(c) Other agreed measures.


50. The seals or other approved equipment provided for in a detailed agreement on inspection measures for that facility shall be placed not later than 240 days after this Convention enters into force for a State Party. Inspectors shall be permitted to visit each chemical weapons production facility for the installation of such seals or equipment.


51. During each calendar year, the Technical Secretariat shall be permitted to conduct up to four inspections of each chemical weapons production facility.


52. The Director-General shall notify the inspected State Party of his decision to inspect or visit a chemical weapons production facility 48 hours before the planned arrival of the inspection team at the facility for systematic inspections or visits. In the case of inspections or visits to resolve urgent problems, this period may be shortened. The Director-General shall specify the purpose of the inspection or visit.


53. Inspectors shall, in accordance with the facility agreements, have unimpeded access to all parts of the chemical weapons production facilities. The items on the declared inventory to be inspected shall be chosen by the inspectors.


54. The guidelines for determining the frequency of systematic on-site inspections shall be considered and approved by the Conference pursuant to Article VI II, paragraph 21(i). The particular production facility to be inspected shall be chosen by the Technical Secretariat in such a way as to preclude the prediction of precisely when the facility is to be inspected.