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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)

Scale of Fees

Annual Increase in Medical Tariffs for Medical Service Providers - 2021

Ambulance Gazette 2021

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Response vehicles only - Advance Life Support (ALS)


A clear distinction must be drawn between an acute primary response and a booked call.


1. An Acute Primary Response is defined as a response to a call that is received for medical assistance to an employee injured at work or in a public area e.g. motor vehicle accident. If a response vehicle is dispatched to the scene of the emergency and the patient is in need of advanced life support and such support is rendered by the ALS Personnel e.g. CCA or National Diploma, the response vehicle service provider shall be entitled to bill item 131 for such service. However, the same or any other ambulance service provider which is then transporting the patient shall not be able to levy a bill as the cost of transportation is included in the ALS fee under item 131. Furthermore, the ALS response vehicle personnel must accompany the patient to the hospital to entitle the original response vehicle service provider to bill for the ALS services rendered.


2. In the event of an response vehicle service provider rendering ALS and not having its own ambulance available in which to transport the patient to a medical facility, and makes use of another ambulance service provider, only the bill for the response vehicle service may be levied as the ALS bill under items 131. Since the ALS tariff already includes transportation, the response vehicle service provider is responsible for the bill for the other ambulance service provider, which will be levied at a BLS rate. This ensures that there is only one bill levied per patient.


3. Should a response vehicle go to a scene and not render any ALS treatment then a bill may not be levied for the said response vehicle.


4. Notwithstanding 3, item 151 applies to all ALS resuscitation as per the notes in this schedule.