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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)

Chapter IX : Obligations of employers

87. Failure to pay assessment or other moneys


(1) If an employer fails to pay an assessment in accordance with section 86, the Director-General may impose a fine at the prescribed percentage on the outstanding amount upon him.


(a) If an employer fails to comply with the provisions of section 80(1) and an employee in his employ meets with an accident, the Director-General may, in addition to any other penalty to which such employer may be Liable, impose a fine not exceeding the full amount of the compensation payable in respect of such accident upon him.
(b) If the Director-General is of the opinion that such failure was not wilful or was due to some cause over which the employer had no control, or that payment of the full amount of the capitalised value of a pension payable as compensation to the employee would probably lead to the insolvency of that employer or, in the case where the employer is a company, to its liquidation, the Director-General may—
(i) waive in whole or in part any fine imposed by him;
(ii) allow the employer to pay the penalty in such instalments as he may determine.


(3) An employer who refuses or fails to pay any assessment, instalment or fine referred to in this section or any other money payable in terms of this Act, shall be guilty of an offence.


(a) If an employer fails to pay any amount due to the commissioner, the commissioner may issue an order in the prescribed form for the payment thereof.
(b) The commissioner shall send a certified copy of the order referred to in paragraph (a) to the clerk of the magistrate's court of the district in which that employer is resident or where he has his place of business, and thereupon such order shall have the effect of a civil judgment of that magistrate's court, and the commissioner shall have all the powers of a judgment creditor.


(5) For the purposes of this section compensation includes the cost of medical aid as well as any amount paid or payable in terms of section 28, 54(2) or 72(2) and, in the case of a pension, the capitalised value as determined by the Director-General of the pension, irrespective of whether a lump sum in lieu of the pension or a portion thereof is at any time paid under section 52 or 60, and periodical payments or allowances, as the case may be.