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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)

Chapter IV : Compensation for occupational injuries

26. Special circumstances in which Director-General may refuse award


If a right to compensation in terms of this Act arises owing to the death or disablement of an employee as a result of an accident, the Director-General may refuse to award the whole or a portion of such compensation and the Director-General, or, if authorised thereto by the Director-General, the employer individually liable or mutual association concerned, as the case may be, may also refuse to pay the whole or any portion of the cost of medical aid

(a) if the employee at any time represented to the employer or the Director-General, knowing the information to be false, that he was not then suffering from or had not previously suffered from a serious injury or occupational disease or any other serious disease, and such an accident was caused by, or the death resulted from or the disablement resulted from or was aggravated by, such injury or disease; or
(b) if, in the opinion of the Director-General, the death was caused, or the disablement was caused, prolonged or aggravated, by the unreasonable refusal or willful neglect of the employee to submit to medical aid in respect of any injury or disease, whether caused by the accident or existing before the accident.