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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)

Chapter IV : Compensation for occupational injuries

22. Right of employee to compensation


(1) If an employee meets with an accident resulting in his disablement or death such employee or the dependants of such employee shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be entitled to the benefits provided for and prescribed in this Act.


(2) No periodical payments shall be made in respect of temporary total disablement or temporary partial disablement which lasts for three days or less.


(a) If an accident is attributable to the serious and, willful misconduct of the employee, no compensation shall be payable in terms of this Act, unless—
(i) the accident results in serious disablement; or
(ii) the employee dies in consequence thereof leaving a; dependant wholly financially dependent upon him.
(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) the Director-General may, and the employer individually liable or mutual association concerned, as the case may be, shall, if ordered thereto by the Director-General, pay the cost of medical aid or such portion thereof as the Director-General may determine.


(4) For the purposes of this Act an accident shall be deemed to have arisen out of and in the course of the employment of an employee notwithstanding that the employee was at the time of the accident acting contrary to any law applicable to his employment or to any order by or on behalf of his employer, or that he was acting without any order of his employer, if the employee was, in the opinion of the Director-General, so acting for the purposes of or in the interests of or in connection with the business of his employer.


(5) For the purposes of this Act the conveyance of an employee free of charge to or from his place of employment for the purposes of his employment by means of a vehicle driven by the employer himself or one of his employees and specially provided by his employer for the purpose of such conveyance, shall be deemed to take place in the course of such employee's employment.