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Commission for Gender Equality Act, 1996 (Act No. 39 of 1996)

6. Committees of Commission



(1) The Commission may establish one or more committees consisting of one or more members of the Commission designated by the Commission and one or more other persons, if any, whom the Commission may appoint for that purpose and for any period determined by it.


(2) The Commission shall designate a chairperson for every committee and, if necessary, a deputy chairperson.


(3) Subject to the directions of the Commission, a committee—
(a) may exercise such powers of the Commission as the Commission may confer on it; and
(b) shall perform such functions of the Commission as the Commission may assign to it.


(4) On completion of the functions assigned to it in terms of subsection (3), a committee shall submit a written report thereon, including recommendations, if any, for consideration by the Commission.


(5) The Commission may at any time dissolve any committee.


(6) The provisions of section 5 shall, with the necessary changes, apply to a meeting of a committee.


(7) The Commission shall not be absolved from responsibility for the performance of any functions entrusted to any committee in terms of this section.