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Academy of Science of South Africa, 2001 (Act No. 67 of 2001)

5. Composition of Academy


(1) There is only one category of Members of the Academy, but a Member may become an emeritus Member from the beginning of the year in which the Member turns 70 years of age.


(2) A Member of the Academy is a person who can be expected by the Academy to significantly assist the Academy in achieving its objectives.


(3) The criterion for election to Membership of the Academy is significant achievement in the pursuit, advancement or application of science.


(4) New candidates for Membership of the Academy are proposed and recommended at least once a year by means of a prescribed certificate signed by not less than four Members,  at least two of whom have personal knowledge  and understanding  of the scientific work and significant contribution to science of the candidate.


(5) The certificate must contain a draft citation explaining why the election of the candidate to Membership of the Academy would further the objectives of the Academy.


(6) The certificate must be accompanied by a prescribed statement from the candidate indicating the candidate's willingness to be considered for election to Membership of the Academy, together with a curriculum vitae.


(7) The Council of the Academy must annually evaluate, in terms of the prescribed criteria for Membership, all new candidates and candidates  brought forward from a previous year.


(8) Existing Members of the Academy will then be required, in a secret ballot, to cast votes that are either for or against every candidate passed by the Council or that indicate a neutral position.


(9) Members of the Academy who do not vote are regarded as having recorded neutral votes.


(10) A candidate having at least three times as many votes for him or her as against him or her is considered elected to Membership of the Academy, as long as at least half of the votes cast are in his or her favour.


(10A) Membership shall be subject to the requirement that any annual subscription fee set by Council has been paid as prescribed.


(11) Every person who is elected a Member of the Academy must  sign the register of Members and subscribe to the following obligation within a year of election:
(a) "I ........ (full names) hereby promise to promote the well-being of South Africa through scientific thought and generally to further the objectives of the Academy of Science of South Africa as far as this lies within my power; and
(b) I shall also observe the prescribed constitution and prescribed standing orders of the Academy for as long as I remain a Member thereof.".


(12) A Member of the Academy is, subject to subsection (9), eligible to take part in the elections of new Members of the Academy and the members of the Council.


(13) An unsuccessful candidate or a Member who had his or her Membership terminated may appeal to the Council in the prescribed manner.


(14) A Member whose conduct has in the opinion of the Council brought the Academy into disrepute may be required to appear before the Council to be dealt with in the manner prescribed.


[Section 5 substituted by section 5 of Act No. 16 of 2011]