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Academy of Science of South Africa, 2001 (Act No. 67 of 2001)

10. Staff and conditions of service of employees


(a) The Council may, subject to paragraph (b) and on such conditions as it may determine, appoint such employees as it deems necessary to enable the Academy to perform its functions.
(b) The Academy must out of its own funds pay to its employees such remuneration, allowances, subsidies and other benefits as the Council may determine.

[Section 10(b) substituted by section 10 of Act No. 16 of 2011]

(c) The Council may, on such conditions  as it may deem fit and if the employee consents thereto, second an employee, either for a particular task or for a period of time, to the service of a department of State, an organisation or institute in the Republic on condition that such employee's rights, privileges and benefits by virtue of his or her conditions of service as an employee of the Academy are not adversely affected by such secondment.