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Wills Act, 1953 (Act No. 7 of 1953)


Schedule 3 : Laws repealed






Province or Union

No. and Year of Law

Title or subject

Extent of Repeal

Cape of Good Hope

Ordinance 15 of 1845

Execution of Wills

So much as is unrepealed

Cape of Good Hope

Act No. 22 of 1876

Attesting Witnesses Act, 1876

The whole, excepting section two in so far as it applies to powers of attorney.

Cape of Good Hope

Act No. 3 of 1878

Wills Attestation Amendment Act, 1878

The whole


Ordinance 1 of 1856

Testamentary disposition of Natal-born subjects of Great Britain and Ireland

The whole


Law 2 of 1868

Execution of Wills and Codicils

The whole

Orange Free State

Ordinance 11 of 1904

Execution of Wills and other Testamentary Instruments Ordinance, 1904

Sections one and five and sections seven and ten in so far as the two last mentioned sections apply to wills.

South-West Africa

Proclamation 23 of 1920

Wills Proclamation, 1920

The whole


Ordinance 14 of 1903

Wills Ordinance, 1903

The whole


Act No. 14 of 1920

Wills Ordinance, 1903 (Transvaal) Amendment Act, 1920

The whole


[Schedule 3 renumbered by section 11 of Act No. 43 of 1992]