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Tobacco Products Control Act, 1993 (Act No. 83 of 1993)

Regulations relating to the Labelling, Advertising and Sale of Tobacco Products

3. Print and appearance of warnings and information



1) The warning and information to be reflected on a package or contained in an advertisement in terms of regulation 2 shall be-
a) in the same language as the main language used on the package or in the advertisement (but in one of the official languages of South Africa);
b) in Helvetica type;
c) in black, red or blue print on a white background on one halt of the packages or advertisements and in white print on a black, red or blue background for the remaining packages or advertisements for each brand;
d) in upper-case lettering for the warning contemplated in regulation 2(1)(a);
e) in upper-case lettering for the information contemplated in regulation 2(1)(c);
f) in upper-case lettering for the first letter of a sentence and in lower-case lettering for the remainder of the sentence of the warning contemplate in regulation 2(1)(b);
g) centered within the area in which it is displayed, and the text of the message shall occupy not less than 60% and not more than 70% of the area in which it is displayed; and
h) surrounded by a border that-
i) is the same colour as the print used for the text of the message; and
ii) outlines the area in which the message is displayed without encroaching on that area;
i) alternated in such a way so as to expose each warning on an equal quantity of advertisements for each brand or unit of packages, with a tolerance of 10% during each period of 12 months from the commencement of these regulations.


2) The area to be occupied by the warning and information shall not contain any matter other than that required by these regulations.