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Tobacco Products Control Act, 1993 (Act No. 83 of 1993)




1) In these regulations, 'the Act' means the Tobacco Products Control Act, 1993 (Act No. 83 of 1993), as amended, and any expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the Act shall bear such meaning and unless inconsistent with the context-



means a package containing more than one packet of cigarettes, but less than a cigarette shipper;


"cigarette shipper"

means packaging that contains more than one carton;




a) sweets, chocolates and candy;
b) popcorn and other snack foods containing potato, nuts or cereal;
c) confectionery novelties;
d) muesli bars, fruit bars, health food bars and other similar products;



includes cause, permit or authorise to be displayed;



means a box, carton, cylinder, packet, pouch, tin and wrapping;



means an individual packet containing a tobacco product;




a) land;
b) a building or part of a building;
c) a structure of part of a structure;
d) fences, walls, outbuildings, service installations and other appurtenances of a structure;
e) a tent, stall or other temporary structure;
f) a boat or a pontoon;
g) a vehicle;


"product line",

in relation to tobacco or a tobacco product, means a kind of tobacco product distinguishable from another kind of tobacco product by anyone or more of the following characteristics:

a) its length, mass or volume;
b) its content;
c) its brand name or trade mark;
d) in the case of a packet of cigarettes or cigars, the number of cigarettes or cigars in the packet;


"sales unit"

means a cabinet, tray, shelf or any other thing from which tobacco products are dispensed when sold; and


"specialist tobacconist premises"

means premises that are operated independently and apart from any other retail business and where the primary business is the sale of tobacco, tobacco products , matches and cigarette or pipe lighters.