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Tobacco Products Control Act, 1993 (Act No. 83 of 1993)

Regulations Relating to the Standards for Manufacturing of Reduced Ignition Propensity (RIP) Cigarettes

Certification and Product Change



9) Each manufacturer or importer shall submit a written certification, within 18 months of publication or these regulations, to the Director-General attesting that each cigarette listed in the certification:
a) has been tested in accordance with these regulations; and
b) meets the performance standard set forth in regulation 3.


10) Each cigarette design listed in the certification shall be described with the following information:
a) full brand, or trade name on the package;
b) length in millimeters;
c) circumference in millimeters;
d) flavour, such as menthol, if applicable;
e) filter or non-filter;
f) package description, such as soft pack or box;
g) marking pursuant to regulations 14 to 16;
h) the name, address, telephone number and accreditation expiry date of the laboratory that conducted the test; and
i) the date on which testing took place.
11) Each cigarette certified under these regulations shall be re-certified every three years.


12) If a manufacturer or importer has certified a cigarette design and thereafter makes any change to such cigarette design that is likely to alter its compliance with the required reduced cigarette ignition propensity standards, that cigarette design shall not be imported, sold or offered for sale until the manufacturer retests the cigarette design in accordance with the testing standards set forth in regulations 4 to 9 and maintains records of that retesting as required by regulation 19. Any altered cigarette which does not meet the performance standard set forth in regulation 3 may not be imported, sold or offered for sale.