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Tobacco Products Control Act, 1993 (Act No. 83 of 1993)




ACKNOWLEDGING that tobacco use-

is extremely injurious to the health of smokers, non-smokers and other users of tobacco products;
has caused widespread addiction in society;
warrants, in the public interest, a restrictive legislation;


REALISING that the association of the use of tobacco products with social success, business advancement and sporting prowess through advertising and promotion may have the particularly harmful effect of encouraging children and young people to use tobacco products;


CONSIDERING that the extent of the harmful effects of the use of tobacco products on health calls for strong action to deter people, especially the youth, from using tobacco products, to protect non-smokers from exposure to tobacco smoke and to encourage existing users of tobacco products to quit; and


RESOLVING to align the health system with the democratic values of the Constitution and the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and to enhance and protect the fundamental rights of citizens by discouraging the use, promotion and advertising of tobacco products in order to reduce the incidence of tobacco-related illness and death.