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Tax Administration Act, 2011 (Act No. 28 of 2011)

Chapter 4 : Returns and Records

Part B : Reportable arrangements

38. Information to be submitted


The following information in relation to a 'reportable arrangement', must be submitted in the prescribed form and manner and by the date specified:

(a) a detailed description of all its steps and key features, including, in the case of an "arrangement" that is a step or part of a larger "arrangement", all the steps and key features of the larger "arrangement";
(b) a detailed description of the assumed "tax benefits" for all "participants", including, but not limited to, tax deductions and deferred income;
(c) the names, registration numbers, and registered addresses of all "participants";
(d) a list of all its agreements; and
(e) any financial model that embodies its projected tax treatment.


[Section 38 substituted by section 44 of Act No. 44 of 2014]