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Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act, 1996 (Act No. 74 of 1996)

4. Functions of Special Investigating Unit


(1) The functions of a Special Investigating Unit are, within the framework of its terms of reference as set out in the proclamation referred to in section 2(1)
(a) to investigate all allegations regarding the matter concerned;
(b) to collect evidence regarding acts or omissions which are relevant to its investigation and, if applicable, to institute proceedings in a Special Tribunal against the parties concerned;
(c) to present evidence in proceedings brought before a Special Tribunal;
(d) to refer evidence regarding or which points to the commission of an offence to the relevant prosecuting authority;
(e) to perform such functions which are not in conflict with the provisions of this Act, as the President may from time to time request;
(f) from time to time as directed by the President to report on the progress made in the investigation and matters brought before the Special Tribunal concerned;
(g) upon the conclusion of the investigation, to submit a final report to the President; and
(h) to at least twice a year submit a report to Parliament on the investigations by and the activities, composition and expenditure of such Unit.


(2) A Special Investigating Unit must, as soon as practicable after it has obtained evidence referred to in subsection (1)(d), inform the relevant prosecuting authority thereof, whereupon such evidence must be dealt with in the manner which best serves the interests of the public.