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South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996


Regulations relating to Safety Measures at Independent Schools

7. Visits to independent schools by public representatives, political office bearers and the media


(1) Political office bearers, public representatives and the media have a right to visit independent schools in the interests of public accountability, but this right must be regulated to ensure that schools are not disrupted by such visits, and to avoid the politicization of such visits.  This right is subject to reasonable controls to ensure the proper functioning of education.


(2) The person intending to pay such a visit must, in writing, request permission for the visit and must obtain such permission, in writing, from the owner, principal or HOD prior to the visit. The request must be made at least 30 days before the intended visit, unless there are sound reasons for a shorter notification period. This request must clearly indicate the date, time and purpose of the visit, the names of all participants, and the aspects that they intend to look at. The owner or principal of the independent school must not refuse reasonable access to a person who has such written permission.


(3) In cases where the written permission is granted by the HOD, he or she, before granting such permission, must consult the owner or principal of the independent school to be visited, to determine whether it is feasible for the school to receive such a visit, and whether or not the school programme is likely to be seriously affected by such a visit.


(4) Wherever possible, a representative from the Departmental office should accompany such visitors.