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Security Forces Board of Inquiry Act, 1993 (Act No. 95 of 1993)

5. Staff of Board



(1) In the performance of its functions under this Act the Board shall be assisted by officers in the public service made available for such purpose by the Director-General: Justice.


(2) Any person appointed or designated to take down or record the proceedings of the Board in shorthand or by mechanical means or to transcribe such proceedings which have been so taken down or recorded shall beforehand take an oath or make an affirmation in the following form:


I, A.B., declare under oath/affirm and declare—

(a) that I shall faithfully and to the best of my ability take down/record the proceedings of the Board in shorthand/by mechanical means as ordered by the Chairman;
(b) that I shall transcribe fully and to the best of my ability any shorthand notes/mechanical record of the proceedings of the said Board made by me or by any other person.


(3) No shorthand notes or mechanical record of the proceedings of the Board shall be transcribed except by order of the Chairman.


(4) Every person employed in the performance of the functions of the Board including any person referred to in subsection (2), shall aid in preserving secrecy in regard to any matter or information that may come to his knowledge in the performance of his duties in connection with the said functions, except in so far as the publication of such matter or information shall be necessary for the purpose of the report of the Board.