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Security Forces Board of Inquiry Act, 1993 (Act No. 95 of 1993)

10. Reporting of certain allegations to Board or Area Director



(1) If a person has reasonable grounds to suspect that a serious offence is being or has been committed by a member of a security force while he is or was exercising or performing his duties or functions as such a member, he may report what he suspects to the Board or the Area Director concerned by means of an affidavit or affirmed declaration in which is also mentioned—
(a) the grounds on which the suspicion is based; and
(b) all other relevant information known to him.


(2) If a member of the South African Police or a military policeman has heard of an allegation that a member of a security force is committing or has committed an offence as contemplated in subsection (1), he shall forthwith report it to the station commander of the police station concerned, who shall forthwith notify the Area Director concerned thereof.


(3) If an Area Director has heard, as is contemplated in subsections (1) and (2), of the alleged commission of an offence, he shall forthwith notify the Chairman thereof.