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(a) the Constitutional Court acting in terms of section 167(6)(a) of the Constitution; or
(i) a High Court or another court of similar status; or
(ii) a Magistrate’s Court for any district or for any regional division established by the Minister for the purposes of adjudicating civil disputes in terms of section 2 of the Magistrates' Courts Act, 1944 (Act No. 32 of 1944), either generally or in respect of a specified class of decisions in terms of this Act, designated by the Minister, by notice in the Gazette and presided over by a magistrate, an additional magistrate or a magistrate of a regional division established for the purposes of adjudicating civil disputes, as the case may be, designated in terms of section 91A,

[Paragraph (b)(ii) substituted by section 6 of Act No. 24 of 2015]

within whose area of jurisdiction—

(aa) the decision of the information officer or relevant authority of a public body or the head of a private body has been taken;
(bb) the public body or private body concerned has its principal place of administration or business; or
(cc) the requester or third party concerned is domiciled or ordinarily resident;

[Definition substituted by section 1 of Act No. 54 of 2002]