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Professional and Technical Surveyors Act, 1984  (Act No. 40 of 1984)



Notice No. 662 of 1984


1. Definitions

2. Establishment of South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors

3. Constitution of council and first meeting

4. Qualifications of members of council and circumstances under which they vacate office

5. Decision of council and quorum

6. President and vice-president of council

7. General

8. Funds of council and keeping and auditing of accounts

9. Reports to Minister

10. Committees of council

11. Establishment of education advisory committee

12. Constitution of education advisory committee

13. Tenure of office of members of education advisory committee

14. Circumstances under which members of education advisory committee vacate office

15. Chairman of education advisory committee

16. Meetings of education advisory committee and rules of procedure

17. Secretarial and administrative work of education advisory committee

18. Allowances payable to members of education advisory committee

19. Functions of education advisory committee

20. Registration of professional surveyors

21. Registration of professional surveyors in training

22. Registration of technical surveyors

23. Registration of survey technicians in training

24. Refusal of cancellation of registration

25. Return of certificates of registration and issue of copies thereof

26. Registrar to give information to Chief Surveyor-General and Institutes

27. Prohibition of practice as professional land surveyor, professional surveyor or technical surveyor by unregistered person

27A. Carrying on of profession of professional surveyor or calling of surveyor by company

27B. Carrying on of profession of professional surveyor or calling of surveyor by close corporation

28. Improper conduct

29. Disciplinary powers of council

30. Inquiry by Council

31. Suspension from practicing of registered persons who have become of unsound mind

32. Appeals against decisions of council

33. Council may re-admit person

34. Rules

35. Procedure and evidence

36. Rectification of errors

37. Liability of council

38. Delegation of powers

39. Exemption from operation of provisions of Act

40. Construction of Act 22 of 1904 of Cape of Good Hope

41. Repeal and amendment of laws

42. Completion of certain inquiries

43. Transfer of assets and liabilities to council

44. Short title and commencement