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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Driven Machinery Regulations, 1988

National Code of Practice for the Training Providers of Lifting Machine Operators (2015)

3. Duties of authorised bodies



(3.1) The Quality Assurance Standing Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of the Authorised Body for accreditation ratification.


(3.2) The authorised body shall maintain the latest information on the accredited training provider's, and shall forward such listings on request or at least every three months to the Chief Inspector. The following information fields are to be included; registered name of provider, postal and physical address, contact name, contact numbers, and accredited codes.


(3.3) The authorised body shall at the last working day of January of each year or as may be requested provide the following returns for the previous calendar year to the Chief Inspector;
(a) the number of accredited providers;
(b) the number of learner assessments;
(c) the number of monitoring and audits of accredited providers; and
(d) the number of certificates of competence issued both new and retrained, per code of lifting machine/equipment.


(3.4) The authorised body shall conduct periodic audits of accredited training providers to verify compliance to the ETQA criteria. Provided that audits shall be conducted at intervals not exceeding 12 months or as determined by the Authorised Body to verify compliance to the ETQA criteria.


(3.5) The authorised body is empowered to deaccredit a training provider after a fair process for non-conformance with the accreditation criteria. The Authorised Body shall forthwith notify the Chief Inspector of any suspension or withdrawal.