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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Driven Machinery Regulations, 1988

20. Explosive Powered Tools



1) No user shall use or permit any person to use an explosive powered tool unless-
a) it is provided with a protective guard around the muzzle end which effectively confines any flying fragments or particles;
b) the firing mechanism is so designed that the explosive powered tool will not function unless -
i) it is held against the surface with a force of at least twice its weight; and
ii) the angle of inclination of the barrel to the work surface is not more than 15 degrees from a right angle:

Provided that the provisions of this subregulation shall not apply to explosive powered tools in which the energy of the cartridge is transmitted to the bolts, nails or similar relevant objects by means of an intermediate piston which has a limited distance of travel.


2) The user of an explosive powered tool shall ensure that -
a) only cartridges suited to the explosive powered tool and the work to be performed are used;
b) the explosive powered tool is cleaned and examined at regular intervals as may be necessary for its safe operation;
c) when not in use, the explosive powered tool and the cartridges are stored in a safe place which is inaccessible to unauthorized persons;
d) the explosive powered tool is not stored in a loaded condition; and
e) a warning notice is posted wherever the explosive powered tool is used.


3) No user shall permit or require any person to use an explosive powered tool unless such person has been-
a) provided with and uses suitable eye protection; and
b) has been fully instructed in the operation, maintenance and use of such tool.