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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Driven Machinery Regulations, 1988

Notice of approval to issue certificates of training to lifting machine operators



I, Imanuel Mulder, appointed as chief inspector in terms of section 19(1) of the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act, 1983, acting in terms of the powers vested in me by regulation 18(11) of the Driven Machinery Regulations, published under Government Notice No.R.2483 of 4 September 1992, hereby withdraw Government Notice 834 of 18 September 1992 and give notice that as from the date of this notice, all applications for approval from a person or organisation who provides training to a lift truck operator or jib-crane operator, where the capacity of a lift truck is 750 kg or where the capacity of a jib-crane is 5 000 kg or more respectively, will henceforth only be entertained if it is accompanied by a valid certificate issued by a training board accredited by the Registrar of Manpower Training in terms of section 12D of the Manpower Training Act, 1981, or the SA Institute of Materials Handling (the National Council) which has been authorised by the Chief Inspector of Occupational Safety, Department of Manpower, to carry out such evaluations.



I Mulder

Chief Inspector